Coordinator, Analyst, SME, trainer and developer for Caisse de dépôt et placement du québec.

Mandate description

In the course of what was, in fact, many consecutive mandates at for this same client, I took on many roles. Each of these roles is details in the following sections.

Coordinator for Tier 1 services

Mr. Brouillette’s work as Project Manager for the client stemmed from his involvement as a coordinator of systems for which CGI handled the hardware infrastructure. His previous experience as Team Lead and his knowledge of the client’s environment allowed him to easily assume the role of coordinator. His tasks included:

  • Gathering client requirements;
  • Ensuring required changes are evaluated by appropriate resources;
  • Producing a detailed schedule of activities;
  • Producing system change requests, including the solution’s description, cost, timeline, and supporting assumptions;
  • Managing the execution of activities;
  • Ensuring the quality control of deliverables;
  • Acting as a technical and linguistic liaison between the supplier, client, and technical teams.

Algosuite SME

Over the course of his work as coordinator and project manager, he was also called upon for his technical experience with his client’s Risk Management environment and the AlgoSuite product. In this role, he was responsible for:

  • Producing a system delivery strategy that minimized acquisitions;
  • Validating specifications produced by Algorithmics for requirements tailored to the CDP;
  • Participating or overseeing the gathering of details upon the declaration of defects;
  • Participating in migrating utilities designed specifically for the CDP;
  • Transferring knowledge of the system and its components to client and CGI members; and
  • Ensuring the understanding of technical information conveyed between the client, supplier, and technical teams.

Coordinator (Treasury Management System)

As a coordinator, he managed the work log and reported progress to the system owner and committee. He was also responsible for managing the client's expectations by objectively informing his client of the cost related to priority changes that were requested on ongoing activities.

Trainer / Coach

In 2003, after new members joined our development team, I was offered to create and deliver a 3-day in-house training on SQL tailored to our clients needs. Aside from this formal training, I was also frequently involved in coaching colleagues.


In his role as an analyst, Mr. Brouillette designed the required processes to transform, complete, and validate the transactions submitted to the treasury management system. His primary activities included:

  • Ensuring the functional analysis, design, and development of a solution to integrate the cash management solution with other client systems;
  • Analyzing and managing system change requests during the solution’s post-deployment period.


Employer: CGI inc.
Client: Caisse de dépôt et placement du québec
Role: Coordinator, Algosuite SME, Trainer, Analyst
Product/Technology: Niku WorkBench, MS Office (2003), Concert Methodology for Documentation, Operating Systems (Windows and Solaris UNIX).
Duration 4.6 years your social media marketing partner