Project Manager on multiple consecutive mandates.


Mandate desctiption

As project manager, he successfully delivered numerous projects during his consulting mandate. These projects ranged from hardware implementation to software development, upgrade, and integration. Each of these projects shared a common set of activities, the most significant of which included the following:

  • Coordinating efforts during the preliminary analysis of projects and ensuring the completeness of resulting assessments;
  • Producing the proposal and the high-level estimates based on the results of the preliminary analysis;
  • Producing the detailed schedule and project management plan;
  • Provisioning the hardware and licenses required by the project;
  • Monitoring and controlling the activities, their duration, and cost;
  • Managing the reception and billing of items purchased on behalf of the project;
  • Producing progress reports internally to CGI or directly to the client;
  • Coordinating both suppliers and internal resources during deployments;
  • Ensuring communications with stakeholders on key events such as deployments or during issue resolution;
  • Performing quality control on deliverables;
  • Managing revised requirements through proper assessment of impacts and issuing change requests when required.


Employer: CGI inc.
Client: Caisse de dépôt et placement du québec
Role: Project manager
Product/Technology: MS Office (Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access), MS Project, SharePoint, Internet tools (Search Engines, Remote Office)
Duration 2.6 years your social media marketing partner