Lead project manager and project manager on the delivery of multiple coordinated enhencements.

Mandate description

Lead Project Manager

As lead project manager of a set of projects managed by other project managers, Mr. Brouillette was responsible for overseeing, consolidating, and reporting the overall progress of activities. In this context, he was responsible for the following:

  • Overseeing the progress of activities in collaboration with each project manager of the sub-projects;
  • Tracking changes to requirements, ensuring their impacts are assessed, and integrating them into the overall timeline;
  • Acting as single point of contact for the client while teams (Project Managers and Resources) were assigned to various sub-projects of the release.

Project Manager

In this role, he delivered multiple infrastructure and software development projects. He was responsible for:

  • Initiating the project and coordinating initial meetings to confirm project requirements;
  • Producing high-level timelines using feedback from project analysts;
  • Conducting status calls with analysts and developers;
  • Reporting on the progress of these sub-projects to the lead project manager;
  • Reviewing and transmitting deliverables to the client for approval;
  • Managing change requests that affected this sub-project and ensuring their assessment by the project team.


Employer: CGI inc.
Client: Bell residential services
Role: Project manager
Product/Technology: MS Office (Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access), MS Project, SharePoint, Internet tools (Search Engines, Remote Office)
Duration 11 months
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